The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

We all dream of different things in life. But if you don’t dream hard enough, you will surely have to settle for a comprise. There’s really no reason for that. No Bad Days are here to set an example and encourage you to follow your bliss. 

To follow your bliss means having the guts to stay true to the dream and try the path less taken – to really commit to the things that make you happy, regardless of money. 

For us, bliss equals film and creative expression. 

Our so-called bliss projects, the art section at No Bad Days, often touch upon humanity and our very existence. And since life is a journey that’s constantly changing, we like to honour that by making each new project feel truly unique. Some are under the minute, others are almost like a full feature. We also vary in style, from traditional documentary to poetic and poignant compositions made of carefully selected online clips. To take what is already in front of you and give it a different spin, can sometimes lead to amazing revelations! Or just become wacky, which we also love ... Sound design and carefully selected music is another essential part of what we do. 

At No Bad Days, we always work our asses off, but it never feels like work. Many times, we don’t even know what the stuff we produce will be used for – we just need to do it anyway and let it take us different places.

We mean that quite literally. 

During the holidays, we have visited Gambia, USA and Mexico in order to shoot new amazing bliss projects. We look forward to presenting them all here during 2019.

Until then, start working on that dream of yours!

Follow your bliss